Algeria, images of a fight (René Vautier)

Like all modern conflicts, the war in Algeria has challenged the value of reported images. Confronted with the abundance of films produced by the French army, a few filmmakers as René Vautier, in reaction to propaganda, pledged alongside Algerian fighters, depicting their struggle. Camera in hand, they brought crucial images back, although most of them were then censored.

Jérôme Laffont, Belgium, 2009, Format diffusion : 1.33 (SD), 52 minutes

As for all the modern conflicts, the Algerian war has been a high-stake target with regards to depicting images. In light of the plentiful movies shot by the French army and because of its speech, a few film directors, one of whom is René Vautier, engaged themselves with the algerian fighters to keep images of their struggle. They shot images of a crucial beauty, but most of them had been banned in France and some of them are still lost or even destroyed.
A movie that questions about the necessity of cinematic commitment.

Directed by: Jérôme Laffont
Screenplay: Jérôme Laffont
Photography: Naël Khleifi
Sound: Nicolas Joly, Matthieu Roche
Image editing: Joachim Thôme
Sound editing: Sarah Gouret
Mixing: Jean-Jacques Quinet
Subtitles: FR, EN
Available formats: Beta Digital, Digital
Production: Sourat Films
Coproduction: CBA, MCF, Sindibad Films(UK), participations
Festival promotion: CBA -
Sales (interlational distribution): Thierry Detaille - 



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