Allo police

Humourfull point of view on a psychological drama, Allo Police brings the audience in the closed world of a belgian police station, and on, in a human geography struck by industrial changes. The angled feelings of a population express themselves in shouts, calls and signs. A mindspace where violence, suffering, fear and happiness profile themselves. Police services are daily confronted with these realities.

Manu Bonmariage, Belgium, 1987, 16 mm, Format diffusion : 1.33 (SD), 76 & 56 minutes

A police station in a Belgian industrial city, Charleroi. During several months, the director has followed up the preventive work of a couple of policemen. « Hello police? » « Could you come over? »: rows, disputes, complaints, adultery accounts, fights, robberies... Policemen act through prevention, trying to « settle things » between people, some kind of welfare work...

Against the background of this « comedy of manners », violence, suffering, death, robbey, rape, adultery, fright, anguish, confusion – stant out, facing goodwilled « cops » bewildered for knowing which part to play: psychotherapist, welfare worker, justice of the Peace...

Directed by: Manu Bonmariage
Screenplay: Manu Bonmariage
Photography: Manu Bonmariage. Assitant : Marguerite Bavaud
Sound: Patrick Van Loo
Image editing: Monique Lebrun
Languages: FR
Available formats: Beta Digital, Digital
Production: CBA, RTBF Charleroi
Festival promotion: CBA -
Sales (interlational distribution): Thierry Detaille - 


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Documentary genres, Countries and continents, Europe, Work related issues & unemployment, 1987, Belgique, Sociological documentary, Society, Exclusion and marginality, Family, Youth and Childhood, Justice, Police