Coups de foudre

Five women share their "love" story... Each lived a thunderbolt, a wonderful meeting with the man who later became her tormentor. The tell about the grip that is slowly but firmly induced, then the violence leading to their fleeing to protect her children, the consequent try to rebuild, to regain self-esteem and take shelter.

Christophe Reyners, Belgium, 2014, Format diffusion : 1.33 (SD), 52 minutes

Five women tell their « Love story ». Each of them lived a love at first sight experience, a wonderful meeting with the man who will become their torturer afterward. The influence that settles down slowly but firmly; then the violence, trying to protect one’s children and run away. Slowly trying to reconstruct, to find the self-respect and to put oneself under cover. This film tells us the chronology of a love-at-first-sight which leads to the drama through five poignant stories.

Directed by: Christophe Reyners
Screenplay: Christophe Reyners
Photography: Thierry Strickaert
Sound: Thierry Strickaert & Christophe Reyners
Image editing: Laurence Vaes
Mixing: Benoît De Clerck
Subtitles: EN
Available formats: Digital
Production: WIP
Coproduction: Dérives
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Environment & Ecology, Documentary genres, History, Countries and continents, Europe, Observational film, Belgique, Health, Science and Social science, Society, Human rights, Psychology, Family, Feminism, Sociology, Group portrait, 2014, Belgian society, Violence