En lo escondido, those waiting in the dark

Nicolás Rincón Gille, Belgium Colombia, 2006, Beta-Digital, Format diffusion : 1.33 (SD), 78 minutes

In the darkness of a long night, the Colombian country shows another face. An invisible world takes the place of the other one. So one better stays at home and open his ears: half-human and half-beast, something is wandering in the dark. Only some people are able to face it. During her whole life, Carmen was one of them…

Directed by: Nicolás Rincón Gille
Screenplay: Nicolas Rincon Gille
Photography: Nicolás Rincón Gille
Sound: Nicolás Rincón Gille
Image editing: Vincent Nouaille
Sound editing: Cedric Zoenen
Mixing: Katia Madaule
Languages: ES
Subtitles: FR, EN
Available formats: Beta Digital, DCP, Digital, DVD, Blu-Ray
With: armen Muñoz, Rudercindo Mora & Flor Corredor
Production: VOA asbl, CBA
Coproduction: Avec l'aide de la SCAM – Bourse Brouillon d'un rêve, Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Communauté Française, des télédistributeurs wallons, de la Loterie Nationale et de la Région Bruxelles- Capitale
Festival promotion: CBA - promo@cbadoc.be
Sales (interlational distribution): Thierry Detaille - ventes.cbawip.sales@gmail.com



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Animism, Documentary genres, Colombia, Countries and continents, Anthropological documentary, Religion, Spirituality, Society, New writing / New stories, Portrait, Cultural identity, 2006, Death, Poverty, Urban Life / rural life