Surrounded by the Belgian Ardennes forest, Eurovillage is a former holiday center transformed into an 'open' reception center for asylum seekers, operated by the Red Cross. Isolated in this remote center for months, some for over two years, how the 300 residents who live there do they manage to endure this agonizing wait, this suspended and empty time, which mostly will conclude in quitting the territory.

François Pirot, Belgium, 2015, 72 minutes

In the midst of the belgian forest, Eurovillage, a former holiday resort, has been converted in 2011 in a reception center for asylum seekers. Isolated in this remote place for an unspecified period of time, the residents are waiting for an stressfull answer: will they be allowed to stay in Belgium or not? How do they live through this long and strange "journey", disconnected from real life, suspended between what they were and an uncertain future?

Directed by: François Pirot
Screenplay: François Pirot
Photography: François Pirot
Sound: Fabrice Osinski
Image editing: Yannick leroy & Valène Leroy
Sound editing: Valène Leroy
Mixing: Aline Gavroy
Languages: FR, EN, KU, CE
Subtitles: FR, EN
Available formats: Beta Digital, Digital, DVD, Blu-Ray
Production: Limited Adventures Sprl
Coproduction: Wallonie Image Production, RTBF
Festival promotion: WIP :
Sales (interlational distribution): Thierry Detaille : 



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Wars and Conflicts, Documentary genres, History, Countries and continents, Europe, Observational film, Belgique, Science and Social science, Society, Human rights, Politics, Exile, Migration and Refugees, Family portrait, Sociology, Group portrait, Cultural identity, Immigration, 2015, Multiculturalism, Belgian society