Christel's wigs

Christel, a beautician who specialized in wigs, welcomes women in need of reconstructing their image, and a self esteem fragilized by aging or illness, sometimes creating also a new personality. The film portrays her social work helping five women to get over a contemporary society which greatly values one’s image, leading them to rediscover their feminity.

Christophe Hermans, Belgium, 2013, Format diffusion : 1.33 (SD), 52 minutes

Each wig is posed for a few hours or for life on a personality. What's behind it? What story? What search for identity? Manuela, Stephanie, Anita, Nicole and Madeleine. 5 women who, for various reasons, have lost their hair and used the services of Christel, social beautician. This film is their daily life, their struggle to build (again) an image and womanhood.

Directed by: Christophe Hermans
Screenplay: Christophe Hermans
Photography: Christophe Hermans
Sound: Yves Bemelmans et Bruno Schweisguth
Image editing: Joel Mann
Sound editing: Valène Leroy
Mixing: Aline Gavroy
Subtitles: EN
Available formats: Digital, DVD
Production: Frakas
Coproduction: WIP
Festival promotion: WIP :
Sales (interlational distribution): Thierry Detaille : 



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Health, Society, Illness, 2013