Manneken swing

Buffer state at the crossroads of Europe, Belgium has a rich tradition of music, at the crossing of various and opposite influences. Before the war, Belgian jazz was in its hey-days, with large unavoidable Belgian commercial formations ruling on the continent scence, competing with the Anglo-Saxon supremacy. A trip back to a Belle Epoque, based on unpublished and full of old-world charm archives.

David Deroy, Julien Bechara, Belgium, 2015, 52 minutes

Liberation of Brussels. September ’44. Behind the euphoria of the moment, a drama was unfolding. Backstage, hundreds of civilians were being arrested to be brought to justice. Among them, the head of the great INR jazz orchestra. Stan Brenders. His crime: having played for the Germans. Just as across France and the rest of Europe, other culturally-related arrests would follow. Several emblematic musicians would be anxious. Who were they? What did they represent? From a key location in Brenders mythology, right in the heart of Brussels - the Archduke - we retrace the steps of these musicians - Stan Brenders, Jean Omer and Fud Candrix - from Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders respectively, who, at a turning point in history, struck a superb jazz cord in our popular culture.

Directed by: David Deroy, Julien Bechara
Screenplay: David Deroy
Photography: Tristant Galand & Kinan Massarani
Sound: Denis Guerdon
Image editing: Mathieu Pierart
Sound editing: Roland Voglaire
Mixing: Roland Voglaire
Languages: FR
Subtitles: FR, EN, NL
Production: Image Cré (Martine Barbé)
Coproduction: Wallonie Image Production, RTBF, Proximus
Festival promotion: WIP :
Sales (interlational distribution): Thierry Detaille : 



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Arts & Culture, History, Music, Family portrait, 2015